International Handball-Tournament

International GIRLSCUP 2019

07.09. - 09.09.

Be part of Bavaria

We are best known for our open minded but traditional culture! We are looking forward to your visit.

Tournament days

The International GIRLSCUP 2019 takes place from 07.09.2019 to 09.09.2019.

Rehearsal for the new season

Close to the new season, designed as a final test for all participants.

Bavarian Banquet

We invite our guest to a bavarian banquet.

The story goes on

Ever since the GIRLSCUP Bavaria 2016 we are hosting international Teams in the heart of Bavaria. We have had great teams and even greater matches. It's about time for the next chapter.


The most frequently asked questions, answered by our staff

The International GIRLSCUP 2019 is an invitational handball tournament, if you want to join or need more information please contact:
There are preliminary round groups each of 4 teams. The preliminary round groups are based on the robin round system. Every team plays a minimum of 3 matches in the preliminary round group. Preliminary round group final rankings determine the constellation for the Sunday finals.
The playing system in each category depends on the amount of participating teams, so the organizer is competent to change it.
A team is guaranteed to play a minimum of 5 matches. The playing time of all matches is 2 x 15 minutes with 2 minutes break for changing the sides in preliminaries and 2 x 20 minutes with 5 minutes break in finales.
A maximum of 16 players can be nominated for the match, all of them have to be listed on the official Match protocol. There has to be listed minimally one leader and maximally four leaders from one team.
Each club must prior to their arrival (or the latest in the day of the arrival) send or present a list of all participating teams. The listing contains the names of all players, who are according to the tournament rules allowed to play for particular teams of the registered club.
The listing should also contain at least one name of a team leader together with a mobile phone contact number that can be used during the tournament.
The organizer would like to point out that all participants take part in the tournament at their own risk. In case of an injury that requires hospitalization, the participants are responsible themselves for the costs of the treatment or hospitalization charges. For hospital treatment is necessary to carry with you all the time your health insurance card or prove of travel insurance.
The jury will deal with all cases that are not stated in the IHF rules or in the official tournament regulations and also with any objections, complain or appeals that may occur during the tournament.
Based on the game performance in A-final matches a specially appointed committee will select the best female player in each category.

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